Building Review & Inspection

The Office of Building Review and Inspection is responsible for all aspects of building in the City of Bulverde and works closely with the other two offices of Planning and Development Services. It handles areas including subcontractor registration, driveway permitting, commercial and residential building permits, certificates of occupancy and remodeling. The City of Bulverde operates under the 2015 International Building Code.
Important information about Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Permitting Fees
The City of Bulverde assesses permitting fees for Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems on an actual cost basis, meaning that the City permitting fee is equal to the fees assessed to the City by our review and inspection contractor.  The fees for these types of systems are availible at the link below.  Please contact the Planning & Development Department if you need further information about the permitting fee for these types of systems.