Notary Public Services

The City of Bulverde provides Notary Public Services to its citizens free of charge during normal business hours (8 am - 4:30 pm) at City Hall.

When seeking notary services, please remember:

  • Bring a picture ID with you for every person who will be signing the document.
  • If there is more than 1 party signing a document, all parties must be present before the notary at the same time in order for a notarization to be completed.
  • Notaries public are prohibited from offering any kind of advice to the public on the format, wording, or content of any document to be notarized. Please consult with your attorney, real estate agent, or other legal professional if you have any questions before presenting a document for notarization.
  • While the city provides free Notary Public Services, we do not provide free copies of your documents for you. If you require multiple copies of your notarized documents, please bring multiple originals with you. Alternatively, you can have copies made at a retail office business after the notarization has been completed.