Building Review & Inspection


The Office of Building Review and Inspection is responsible for all aspects of building in the City of Bulverde and works closely with the other two offices of Planning and Development Services. It handles all aspects of construction permits including commercial and residential building permits, driveway permits, contractor and subcontractor registration, remodeling, and certificates of occupancy.

Building Permits now on MyGovernmentOnline

Apply for a permit, pay your permits fees, track the progress, and schedule inspections all online!

Use the MyGovernmentOnline Customer Portal and select Bulverde as the jurisdiction to begin your permit process. A customer portal account is required to use MyGovernmentOnline. With an account, users will have the ability to:

  • Pay fees online (SUBJECT TO 4% CONVENIENCE FEE)
  • Submit PDF plans
  • Print copies of your permit(s) any time
  • Print reviewed building plans
  • Request inspections online
  • View and print completed inspection reports
  • Receive real-time e-mail notifications when an inspection is completed.
Please note that any documents required with an application (i.e. building plans, construction documents, site plan, Res-check, etc.) must be uploaded in PDF format when submitting your online application.


Customers will still have the ability to apply for permits in person. If you choose to apply in person, please bring the supporting documents in PDF format on CD or USB drive to upload.

If you need any assistance using the software, please call the technical support line at 866-957-3764, option 1 for assistance. Agents can assist with any software related questions.


Refund Policy

The City of Bulverde does NOT issue refunds once an application for a building permit has been submitted or filed, whether in person or via the customer portal located at the MyGovernmentOnline website.

​Drainage Analysis Required

Section 3.06.031 of the City of Bulverde Code of Ordinances mandates that all construction sites shall comply with the most current edition of the City's Storm Drainage Design Criteria Manual. A Drainage Analysis must be submitted for review when applying for a building permit with the associated fees.

All projects creating less than 2,000 square feet of Impervious Cover will require a Tier 1 Drainage Analysis. A Tier 1 Drainage Analysis is not required to be prepared by a Professional Engineer.

All projects creating more than 2,000 square feet of Impervious Cover will require a Tier 2 Drainage Analysis. A Tier 2 Drainage Analysis must be prepared and sealed by a Professional Engineer.

Tree Removal Permit Requirement Notice

Section 17.06.003 of the City of Bulverde Code of Ordinances dictates that it is unlawful to remove ANY tree within the City Limits of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the City of Bulverde without a permit, regardless of the species.

For information on permit requirements or exceptions that may apply for your project, please call or email the Planning & Development Services Department.